My name is Paula, I live in the north-west of England and I’m a mum, nana, writer and performance poet — pretty much in that order. I recently reached the glorious age of forty-six and along with an expanding waist line, creaky knees and the suspicion that I really would benefit from taking up yoga, middle age is offering me lots of new perspectives. The most shocking of these is the realisation that my youthful dreams of being a well-rounded, fully-functioning human being, like my adolescent dreams of being the next Madonna / Mother Theresa / Enid Blyton (dreams alternated, depending on my mood and current level of altruism), were indeed just that; dreams. Consequently, my dreams have been adjusted and re-named goals (goals sound much more achievable); I now aspire to be dysfunctionally happy, and I envisage that this blog will be a reflection of the triumphs and failures in the achievement of my newly lowered goals.

Having re-read this last paragraph, I realise that it sounds somewhat like an eighties self-help manual, which belies the level of dysfunction that permeates every area of my life. Consequently, despite my aims there are times when this blog is likely to go off piste; and I warn you – it could get messy. Regardless of this I hope you enjoy the ride.

7 thoughts on “Introductions”

  1. Hi Paula, Thanks for finding and following my blog. Nice to meet you. You make me feel positively old, aged 50 (only just), although I’m not a nana just yet 😉 Good luck with your blog!

  2. I new your blog would be good. Your performance poetry really tugged at my heart last week, thanks for your card, will keep reading. Keep smiling, H

  3. Excellent start – though your physical descriptions are very wide of the mark, take it from a geriatric who knows ! 🙂

    Great to see you blogging and look forward to the black runs !

    I 🙂 x

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